Gate automation is becoming increasingly popular; it’s the primary defence for properties worldwide. By having our protective automated-gates installed, we ensure your belongings and most importantly, your property, is safe. They furthermore prevent unauthorised entry, theft and restrict vehicle access.


Our team of well-experienced engineers here at PPVS have years of experience installing various Gate Automation, working to the relevant standards for Motorised Gates.

All of our experts attended a 2-day training programme to ensure that we are compliant with the following standards:


  • Industrial, commercial garage doors and gates
  • Safety in use of power operated doors (requirements)
  • Safety in use of power operated doors (test methods)
  • Mechanical Aspects (test methods)
  • Electrical equipment of machines


From solid, wooden gates to steel wrought, iron fabricated gates, our extensive knowledge allows us to assess what we feel is best for you and answer any questions you may have for us. 


Having gate automation will allow you to have maximum control over your premises, work place or home. By having this control will allow for a safer and more secure premises that works for you.


We also work with gate automation and intercom together, by having these two features co-inside with each other just adds that extra security to your home, you’ll know who is at the gate and you have the power to enable them access. 


Your safety is our main priority, so with all of our gates, we install safety devices such as; photoelectric beams projecting across the gate, inductive loops underground for vehicles, safety ribs that are normally installed on the edge of the gate to prevent any harms to anyone using the gate. 


Barriers and Bollards


We install a wide range of barriers and bollards here at PPVS, for the safety of your property or business. Barriers and bollards act as a source of protection, protecting you against trespassing vehicles, preventing car parks to become overfilled and dangerous and they also stop through-traffic. They are a clear visual and physical restriction and prevent access to restricted areas and enforce safety.


Here at PPVS, we strive to make your workplace, property or business as safe as it can be. Our vast range of barriers and bollards means we will have the right one along with our team of professionals with their extensive knowledge and professional working manor will all co-inside together for you to ensure your property or business is as safe and secure as it can be.

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PPVS are an established company within the building and security industries in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia, Central London & the majority of the UK! At PPVS we can proudly supply a vast range of services that suits best for both our independent and commercial customers. 


Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.