A facilities management team helps your business to run effectively​

What is in it for you? 

First of all, you will find that many larger businesses have implemented a facilities management team; this is because growing companies are in more need of assistance than smaller companies – however, this isn’t always the case. Facilities management is a diverse industry; the company can either provide one service or a complete range at any given time, it all depends on your needs.


Facility management teams like us at PPVS, work directly with business owners to come up with a strategic plan to take care of their facilities and security measurements. We save you from the hassle of composing a plan for taking care of your property and employees; instead, we take up this responsibility for ourselves.


With a plan in place to take care of your business, you can relieve the pressure of having to maintain your facilities, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters. With a company that flows smoothly, even when you’re not around, facilities management has proven to be an effective method for managing your assets without the worry of having to get round to it yourself. 

Financial Benefits 


Outsourcing a facilities management team comes with man advantages; however one of the most valuable includes the ability to save you money. Instead of dealing with the expenses of your maintenance singularly, a facility management team can put together a complete price for your needs, allowing you to distribute your budget across your facilities effectively.


As you will have a team working behind you, effectively introducing a facility management scheme will save you the cost of general labour and will cut-out the expenditures on specialist technologies and equipment. Regarding affordability, facilities management companies usually offer a competitive price for the best quality services; therefore you can guarantee a useful result for less than you would have typically spent. 

Better Efficiency 


Your business’ performance is best when you and your employees are concentrating on doing work over anything else. If you have to take care of maintenance requirements, yourself and employees are expected to clean the workplace, reducing the overall work ethic. Choosing to appoint another company to your facilities management needs relieves you of some of your duties; instead, you can focus on getting work done and improving business revenue.


With a professional team taking care of your facilities, you can guarantee that they will be meeting the best standards and that you will not have to waste valuable time having to do the work yourself. Productivity improves when you have a team focusing on your facilities and your employees focus on your business, which is why every day, larger companies are beginning to outsource a facilities management team. 

Professional Approach


Everyone wants to achieve the highest standards of results, which is precisely what facility management provides; after all it’s the industry’s purpose. Carrying out maintenance and developing a plan yourself can produce flaws and you may not achieve the best results, however, like us here at PPVS we specialise in this subject. Facilities management companies supply professionals who have developed years of experience working within a diverse range of business, delivering the best results every time.


Most facility management companies you find have introduced the best practices into the way they work; therefore you can expect greater skill and precision with all the work they do. Whether its building services or event management, introducing a team to manage your additional facilities will ensure you the best care for your business. 

Easier Strategy


Gone are the days of having to plan a routine for the care of your facilities, nowadays you can implement a facilities management team who will come up with the best plan for you. They will simplify your working practices and consult you with a strategy that works best around your business’ routine. Facilities management companies have professionals who deal with an array of, and they all exist to help organisations flow smoothly.

Do you need a facilities management team?


If you realise that your business is growing at an alarming rate and you are beginning to drown in responsibilities, it may be time to invest in a company to help out with your maintenance needs. You may even be considering an office re-design, which needs to follow health and safety regulations; facilities management can also help with this. Not only do companies like ourselves take care of your facilities, but also we can also even help create building plans and manage office renovation to help you get the best results for your business.


Whatever you know you need help with, we can assist you with helping your business to run smoothly.


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PPVS are an established company within the building and security industries in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia, Central London & the majority of the UK! At PPVS we can proudly supply a vast range of services that suits best for both our independent and commercial customers. 


Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.


4 Benefits of Investing in Facilities Management

Many businesses across the UK handle all of their facilities and maintenance needs through in-house services, this is either down to the fact that business owners prefer to do things their way or are oblivious to the facilities management industry.


As a business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep up with the management of your background features including waste disposal, general cleaning and office renovation. However, there is an easy solution to looking after your facilities, and this would come down to outsourcing a facilities management team. 




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