Security is more than important for any business, and it's when things go wrong that we pay attention to how our safety could be improved. 

Here we will be discussing how you can easily make your business more secure. 

We are always asking business owners if they have the correct security measures for their business, however,

stating that you a few cameras installed and an intruder alarm may not be enough. Unfortunately, as the days become shorter, crime rises and unlawful acts including theft, vandalism and trespassing become more common.


PPVS have put together a blog to discuss and advise business and property owners with the importance of security and how you can guarantee your assets the best safety and protection 24 hours a day. Our facilities management team provide security services, helping hundreds of businesses and industries across the UK enhance their fire safety and security, so for today, we will be going into detail about how you can make your company as safe as it should be. 


Now for the quick overview.

Everyone understands that security is important, but how important?

For one, visible CCTV cameras and intruder alarms are an immediate crime deterrent; a burglar will quite often inspect a property before they commit a crime, looking for blind spots and loopholes. However, by investing in the right security and installing the equipment in the right place will help you dramatically. 


There are over 1,579,527 reported burglaries a year, and over 448,617 are business-related.  Statistics show that most commercial burglaries occur in the night, at weekends or during the holidays when people are less likely to be present and aware. With multiple security equipment around your property, you can keep an eye on your property 24/7 and reduce the risk of your company being targeted for crime.

Now for those 5 tips we promised:

No intruder alarm? Expect an intruder!


Businesses without visible alarm systems are 4.5x more likely to be burglarised; scary isn’t it? It’s all well and good having a burglar alarm system; however, if a criminal does not notice your alarm, they will target your business.


Once they break in the bell may then sound, however by then the chances are they would have stolen something of value. That is why our team highly recommend you choose to install a noticeable intruder alarm and install them high on the building. 

58% of burglaries involve forcible entry


Locks only provide minimal security, in most cases if a burglar has targeted your property, they are committed to gaining entry to your business.


This is where you need HD quality CCTV to capture the live action of the burglary, and so you can provide hard evidence to the authorities. Robberies are more likely to be solved if CCTV footage is presented, this way the criminals can be identified and pursued.

74% of attempted burglaries are left incomplete due to an audible alarm


The louder, the better. If your company has a visible intruder alarm, which emits a piercing sound when a break-in is detected, the noise will scatter unwanted trespassers and alert your neighbours. You can even choose for your alarms to be police-response, therefore if your alarm is sounded the authorities will attend to the alert. 

CCTV is your business’ friend


Cameras, we can’t stress enough how vital 24 hours CCTV is for businesses, they provide optimum protection and deter attackers. When you choose your CCTV, you should ensure that you are seeking the best quality cameras; therefore you can guarantee HD vision both day and night, leading to compelling hard evidence in the event of a crime.


CCTV needs to be installed correctly; this is where you should seek a professional so you can ensure your cameras are installed in locations that do not create blind spots and would guarantee a helpful recording of the property. Your cameras should primarily be introduced in higher places and remain visible to warn trespassers.

Introduce door access


If you run a fairly big company, door access is a crucial security measure to consider. When your company receives many visitors each day and holds many employees, it is in your best interest to invest in door access control, this way you can restrict entry into individual rooms and areas, keeping your property secure. From biometrics to keypad controls, door access is a crucial safety measure to include within your business to make sure you have the best level of security.

If you’re reading this blog and know that you only have one or two cameras dotted around your business, we hope that you’ll consider maximising your security so it can be the best it possibly can. Seeking professionals to install a bespoke CCTV system into your property is more than recommended; our facilities management team helps improve the safety of many different businesses, creating a custom setup for each property.


Get the security you need for your business today by contacting our friendly professionals here at PPVS, and we are here to get you and your company the best security.

So, what security measures do you have in place? Improve on your security with PPVS' help.

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Do you have the right security in place for your business? Here's 5 tips to consider.

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