The cleanliness of an office reflects its business' personality. A spotless, fresh office indicates an aura of professionalism and effectiveness. Our commercial cleaners will mop, sweep, vacuum and wash your office in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia or Central London. At PPVS, our team are actively, reliable and willing to help - consistently executing jobs to exceed your expectations. Using professionals ensures your company’s success, providing an office that you’re proud to boast to clients and visitors.


Being an established company, our experienced cleaners have acquired top skills and quality equipment required for the finest clean in the UK. As opposed to assigning staff members already busy with their workload, choose professionals. The benefits are endless.

Why choose professionals?


Depending on your employees to clean can be degrading and embarrassing. As well as being unprofessional, employees will not clean as thorough as professionals as the experience isn't there. Your employees do not obtain the skill and machinery needed for an intensive clean that our professionals at PPVS can offer. Our specialists are fully trained and have time – it’s their job!


Instead of using your employee's precious time that could be spent driving sales and working, our team will help. Your employees will be able to concentrate and spend more time on their normal tasks, ensuring your customers are served and your company keeps on succeeding. Assigning cleaning jobs to your employees is invaluable; such jobs won’t be executed to a high standard and instead, might result in a careless, poor outcome.


A professional, cleaning company will help your business to flourish further. Alongside giving your employees more time to work, our professionals will ensure an office that is professional and inviting to clients. First impressions count and an untidy office will be unappealing to customers, lessening your business’ reputation. Ensure your company receives the reputation it deserves with an office that reflects the true, efficient nature of your business!


Do you want to ensure your client remembers your business for the right reasons? Let us help! Call us on 01733 242497 or drop us an email at

-: 01733 244414



PPVS are an established company within the building and security industries in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia, Central London & the majority of the UK! At PPVS we can proudly supply a vast range of services that suits best for both our independent and commercial customers. 


Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.