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PPVS are an established company within the building and security industries in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia, Central London & the majority of the UK! At PPVS we can proudly supply a vast range of services that suits best for both our independent and commercial customers. 


Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.


Why is facilities management important for your business?

If you own a large organisation with a high number of employees and are included in large, yearly turnovers then facilities management is a must for you. In fact, investing in such assistance helps you progress your business’ success without having to worry about the industrial and public maintenance factors behind it. Considering implementing a facilities management team into your company provides many beneficial solutions, for one and the most obvious – it saves you money.  It actually saves you a great deal of money and this is because these people are specialised to effectively manage your business’ facilities to save you the time and hassle.


Facilities management is a certain, cost-effective approach to handling your company and furthering its growth, you can leave the foundation of your business in the hands of reliable, professionals and focus on important plans you have for your company.


Professional management of your business' facilities


You can furthermore work smarter by implementing such a service. With newly, advanced technologies available and intelligent IT systems under use by modern facilities management companies; you can expect accurate, premium care for your business even when you are not around. Whether it’s your electrics, engineering, cleanliness or HR – facilities management cater for all kinds of fields found within commercial businesses. 


It’s pretty much like having a business partner; facilities management cares primarily for you and your business’ welfare and expenditure – if you succeed, so do we, therefore you can expect to never be let down by such a service. Facilities management companies understand the importance of the minor but major fundamentals that make up a business and this can be from your bathroom, to your customer base, this service will keep an eye on your business for you and resolve any issues if one happened to arise.


By partnering with a facilities management team you can guarantee a securer and simplified way of protecting your business’ assets. If you own a large corporation it’s important to consider the safety and security of what your empire sits upon, this can be from accounts to general work ethic, facilities management is definitely something worthwhile and important to consider.


Efficient, long-term services devoted to your company's success


Efficiency is important for any business, without it you just wouldn’t move anywhere. The whole journey of your business has been built on productivity and if you were to lose any of it your business could begin to deteriorate in performance.  That’s why implementing a facilities management into your business will give you the advantage, your valuable assets and everyone who works or visits will be effectively managed in regards to time and efficiency – you can expect an immediate change in progress.


Large corporations especially, will be able to access highly, valuable reporting functions and you will receive informative insights into your business which will allow you to make more, effective decisions. FM is a valuable resource to have for your business, with new advances in mobile, platform technology you can achieve many benefits from investing in such assistance.


With applications developed for mobile use you can expect agile, responsive reactions to issues in the workplace and with a mobile platform at hand, it is much easier for your FM to log maintenance issues so you can expect a reliable report every time. A strict importance of FM also includes their tendency to maintain health and safety requirements.  They will inspect to see if you have abided all health legislations and recommend factors that your business should improve on to better the wealth fare of your business; it’s employees and your visitors.


To sum facilities management up, it’s a valuable service to partner with – particularly if you deal with large turnover figures or high amounts of employees. Greater companies will need dependable security and effective maintenance providers and that is what a facilities management company does for you. Everything backstage is what helps a business to flourish; it’s the workers, the interior and the safety, which accounts for part of your company’s success. For busy companies, facilities management is a saviour and your business is guaranteed to work more effectively and efficiently – improving your awareness, reputation, and most importantly your income.

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