4 Benefits of Investing in Facilities Management

Many businesses across the UK handle all of their facilities and maintenance needs through in-house services, this is either down to the fact that business owners prefer to do things their way or are oblivious to the facilities management industry.

As a business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep up with the management of your background features including waste disposal, general cleaning and office renovation. However, there is an easy solution to looking after your facilities, and this would come down to outsourcing a facilities management team.

Is your workplace a good working environment?

The satisfaction of your employees and visitors are just as important as your existing clients, a business’ reputation is also developed by first impressions of your workplace, whether that’s in terms of its practicality or aesthetic.

It’s also more than important to make sure your workplace abides law regulations if your workplace environment isn’t health and safety approved then you could be heavily penalised.However, PPVS have put together a blog to help business owners and management teams create an effective law-abiding workplace that is safe and secure for their employees and visitors.

What is the difference between Soft and Hard Facilities Management?

PPVS have put together a blog to help business owners understand the difference between the options of soft and hard facilities management. By the end of this blog, you will be able to define the clear difference between the two services.

Is your commercial or industrial property sustainable and practical?

There has been an increasing rise of sustainability and functionality following the commercial and industrial sectors; businesses are being recommended and influenced into following procedures, which allows the business to thrive efficiently. These requirements are beginning to generate a number of problems and challenges for managers who have not yet followed these guidelines or have no idea how too.

Why Is Facilities Management Important For Your Business?

If you own a large organisation with a high number of employees and are included in large, yearly turnovers then facilities management is a must for you.

PPVS carry out office refurbishment at Choc Box, Bakkavor HQ.

  PPVS carried out a full, office refurbishment at Bakkavor HQ in Spalding, Lincolnshire. The project involved a complete refurbishment from the ceiling to the floor, including; office partitioning, meeting room reduction, flooring, air conditioning works and installation of Elite Desking Systems.           #officerefurbishment #PPVS #officepartitioning #facilitiesmanagementpeterborough 


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