Temperature Control


The standard room temperatures must be adequate; the workplace should never be too hot or too cold for employees to work inefficiently. If you have freezing or heating facilities for storage measures, then you need to make sure the facility is working to the correct temperatures.


Ventilation and Humidity


Providing a ventilation system whether it’s through air vents or windows are a must with any business. Without correct ventilation, you are putting you and your employee’s health at risk that is why it’s important to keep airflow constant around the workplace. 




If you’re hiring employees, you need to make sure your offices; walkways, corridors and ceilings all follow lawful, workspace dimensions. Ergonomics are an important matter to health and safety compliances, which is why it’s more than important that your offices are designed with the optimal space and height. 


Bathroom Facilities


For a business with many employees, washroom and toilet facilities are more than important. Cleanliness and hygiene of your business is also a factor that needs to be kept on top of every day.









What is soft facilities management?

There are many other facilities that need to be considered to abide by the law, however; these are some of the few you may not think of at first. If your business is growing and has many employees under its roof, you may need to consider investing in facilities management to ensure every attribute is looked after and up-to-date with safety regulations

We will kick start with the soft facilities management services, these consist of the factors that make your working environment welcoming and secure. A facility needs assessment is usually always taken out so the facilities management team can pinpoint what facilities need to be maintained.




Facilities management source reputable cleaners who ensure an effective cleaning process throughout your property. Presentation and cleanliness are important to the reputation of your company and to the welfare of your employees. 




CCTV and alarms must be installed to ensure both you and your employees are safe and secure. Security is a primary consideration when you own a property if you want to prevent theft and crime; you need to consider investing in security systems.


Waste Management


Ensuring that your waste is disposed of correctly and efficiently isn’t commonly thought of, however, it’s important. With facilities management, your waste is managed and sorted effectively, making sure the correct materials are recycled and discarded. 








What is hard facilities management?

Now we’ve gotten the soft services out of the way, the hard services are the most physical side of things. Hard services focus on your solid and permanent attributes that cannot be removed from your property. In facilities management terms, these are big projects to keep managed and maintained. 


Building Services


Whether you need your footpaths attending to or require a complete build of your property, facilities management provide building services that ensure your constructions are built to the highest quality and follow safety regulations.




Lighting is a legal requirement within any business property; the lights and all other aspects of electrical work need to have been installed safely by professionals. Your electrics need to be regularly maintained, which is what you can additionally receive help with from facilities management. 




The plumbing surrounding your property is an important facility to upkeep. Facilities management manage and maintain the performance of your plumbing, detecting problems when they occur and attending to the damage or issues quickly. 



Do you now know what facilities management you need?


All businesses have both hard and soft facilities and both need tending to regularly. If your business is growing and finds it difficult to keep up with maintenance routines and ensuring the health and safety of your assets – then allow a facilities management team to help you.


We will identify what hard and soft facilities management services you need and provide you with a bespoke strategy to help manage these assets and ensure that they perform effectively.


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Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.


What is the difference between Soft and Hard Facilities Management?

PPVS have put together a blog to help business owners understand the difference between the options of soft and hard facilities management. By the end of this blog, you will be able to define the clear difference between the two services.


If you run a business, you will understand how important your facilities are with helping your business to perform effectively. Whether it is your electrics, plumbing or security, every minor detail contributes to the success of your business – which is why it is more important to maintain them.


That’s what facilities management do, they look after your assets and attributes. If you have a facilities management team in place, they will be the people who make sure everything is in working order, that nothing needs repairing and that your business complies with law regulations. When you’re busy furthering your business and growing as a company, it can be hard to remember to look after every small detail within your business and this is where your facilities management team take of care of that.


What facilities need to be maintained?


Under the regulations of the ‘Workplace (health, safety and welfare) Regulations’ there are a number of assets you need to ensure are working correctly to prevent injury and complications with the legal sector.


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