As taxes on waste-to-landfill rise and the pressure to improve your business’s social and environmental increases in Peterborough, disposal of your waste becomes more and more difficult. At PPVS, we understand these challenges. We strive to help our customers across diverse sectors to develop unique waste management solutions. Our cost effective and convenient waste management services will reduce your carbon footprint, increasing your environmental performance and savings for your business.

Does your office produce excess trash? Do you need to find a viable solution to remove hazardous waste from your site? We can help. Our experienced team delivers only excellence, providing comprehensive waste management solutions that range from recycling reusable materials to disposing of clinical waste safely. Our ambition is to reduce landfill waste. By using our professionals, you can make a difference. As well as saving money, your company can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, having endless benefits for the environment.


Using a waste management system is in the best interest of every business that exists in Peterborough. By helping to reduce landfill waste, you’re also benefitting in potential reduced landfill taxes. Take control today: work together with other businesses to meet or exceed our target-recycling rate. As your city grows and jobs increase, more waste is created. Show your company’s graciousness by choosing our waste management services today.


At PPVS, our customers matter. We strive to understand the way in which our customers’ organisations operate, allowing us to create unique solutions that will suit you and your business’s needs. Our dedication to creating a better world, together with our consistent investments in updated technology enables us to be the most resourceful, smart choice for your business today.

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PPVS are an established company within the building and security industries in and around the area of Peterborough, East Anglia, Central London & majority of the UK! Here at PPVS we can proudly supply a vast range of services that suits best for both our independent and commercial customers. 


Our positive approach allows us to provide our clients with a team of experienced members that know the concept of efficient, reliable, confident teamwork to always complete the job to exceed your expectations.